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We are Tony & Amy Russo. We are in the final stage of our certifications as Biblical Counselors with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Our final step of certification is for us to engage in counseling under the close supervision of our mentor and ACBC Fellow, John McConaughy.

Lord willing, we will complete our training and certification requirements in summer, 2017, and be recognized at the ACBC fall conference. (Pray for us!)

Did You Know…

  • There is NO CHARGE for Biblical Counseling; it is our volunteer ministry
  • Biblical Counseling is a great opportunity for evangelism and discipleship
  • We can counsel in-person or via Skype/FaceTime, etc.
  • We can counsel individually or together


Tony has his B.A. in Business Management from Eckerd College and did graduate work at both Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando) and The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville. In 2015 he completed his M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary & University.

He is also the author of Pleasant Places: Short Essays in the Christian Life and several month-long Anchor devotional booklets for the ministry, Haven Today.

Amy has her B.A. in Finance and her M.A. in English from the University of South Florida. While living in Louisville, Kentucky Amy was also a Bible Study teacher and mentor to women with the ministry Scarlet Hope.

We moved to Greenville in April 2015 and attend St. John’s Baptist Church, under the teaching of Dr. Charles “Chip” Collins. Before coming to Greenville we have served in nearly 10 years of various ministry opportunities.

Does Biblical Counseling Require State Licensure?

Biblical counseling is religious counseling. As such, it does not fall under State licensure requirements. We are not state-licensed “counselors”, “therapists”, “mental health care professionals”, etc. Biblical counseling affirms Biblical religious principles and looks exclusively to the Bible for solutions to life’s problems, without intermingling secular counseling theories or models (e.g.: Freudian, Rogerian, etc.).

Does Your Counseling Replace the Local Church?

No! On the contrary… We affirm the importance of local church. We work in conjunction with the local church, not in competition with it. Those engaged in seeking Biblical counseling, if it is to be successful under the wisdom and guidance of God, must be regularly attending a local Bible-teaching church, ideally as fully-recognized members, or at least as known and submitted regular attendees. And if a counselee does not have a church home, part of the counseling process will be for them to search one out in their area.

Sound teaching and preaching of the Word, and biblical worship are undoubtedly foremost, but the whole local body of Christ, not just the leadership, is what God uses to help us grow as believers. Every believer in the local church is essential. The local church is welcome as a vital part of the restoration and discipleship process.

What’s Your View of Church Leadership and Church Discipline?

We affirm and respect local church leadership. We very much uphold and respect the position of the local church, and especially its leadership (typically “pastor” or “elder”, singular or plural). We also affirm the Bible’s guidance for church discipline as a restorative process in the life of the wayward believer.

What are Your Doctrinal Positions (e.g.: Creeds, Confessions, Etc.)?

We affirm Biblical Christianity. Doctrinally, we affirm the Baptist Faith & Message (2000), and the Westminster Confession of Faith where it aligns with our Baptistic convictions, and respectfully disagree in love with where it differs.

Since Your Ministry is Free, How Do You Get Paid?

Our Biblical Counseling is simply a ministry we offer as doing our part in the Body of Christ. The Lord provides for our needs through our jobs. Amy works full-time for a university, and Tony is a real estate agent.

What If I Have Other Questions?

Please feel free to call us at 864-908-7909 or email us.